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Sports Day – Latest Information

Dear Parents

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Sports Day. If the weather is dry we will be holding this as planned in Chalkwell Park, if it is forecast to be very wet we will amend the programme and hold a Sports session for you all in the hall, we do recognise that many of you have arranged time off work in order to attend and want to minimise disruption as far as we can.

Either way we will be meeting at 9-15 and the event will finish at 11-15, children will need to be accompanied either in the Park or in the Hall.

I will confirm the venue tomorrow morning by 8-15am, I will post on the website, facebook page and if possible will also email.

Kind regards and fingers crossed for dry weather

SallySports Day 2017

Nativity Information 2016

Dear Parents

Just a reminder of the important information you will needĀ about the Nativity on Thursday 15th, please excuse bullet points!

  • The Pre-school Nativity is in the hall.
  • You and your children should arrive together, we open the doors at 9am.
  • When you come into the hall, please find seats, you do not need a seat for your child as they will be either on the stage or seated at the front. There will be a few seats marked reserved, please avoid these.
  • If possible, we would like the children to wear black or dark clothing decorated with tinsel.
  • Listen carefully to announcements of where your child needs to be, those on the stage will be forming a procession from the rear of the hall, the other children will be seated on a carpet at the front of the room.
  • We will start our performance at 9:30 (probably lasts around 30 minutes)
  • After the performance we will allow you an opportunity to photograph your children before we come down from the stage.
  • Please DO NOT try to take your child from the front of the stage the children have been told only to use the steps nearest the kitchen.
  • After the Nativity we will be serving mince pies and coffees etc (donations please) and we will have a fund raising raffle (prizes are welcomed – this time we would like wine, chocolates etc, suitable for adults)
  • We have a special visitor who will see your children in his grotto after the Nativity.
  • We anticipate the event will finish around 11am. After this Pre-school is closed for Christmas until Thursday 5th January.
Hope that I have covered everything! Photos should be here today and you never know about the Christmas Cards!
Best wishes

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Upcoming Events

  1. Pre-School Sports Day

    June 7 @ 09:00 - 11:00
  2. Pre-school Family Morning

    June 16 @ 09:30 - 11:30
  3. New Parent’s Meeting

    June 19 @ 19:00 - 20:00